Talia’s Rosa gallica ‘Lafayette’

 Originally Posted 8/7/2015 by Talia  Slater

“Ring-around the rosie,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes ! Ashes !
We all fall down”
There’s a section in the Wyck Rose Garden where it contains a very special type of rose. This rose is called  ‘Lafayette’. When look up this rose, there is a rare chance you’ll find any information about it. This rare species was named when it was planted at Wyck over 100 years ago. The Wyck House and garden has this very rare rose which is only found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Germantown Avenue and Walnut Lane in the Wyck Garden.Rosa gallica ‘Lafayette‘ is special because it ONLY grows at Wyck. It has this semi-disease that occurs on some of the leaves. This disease is called the “Black Spot”. If left alone, this rose can be killed by Black Spot. This disease mostly comes when the leaves are bundled together and gets no air. You will see that the black spots mostly occurs on the bottom leaves because they don’t receive much air and are tightly packed together.

Black spot is one of the most common diseases of rose bushes. If they are left unchecked, the rose garden will get damaged. Black spot is caused by the fungus “Diplocarpon Rosae”. Black spot begins just as its name suggests it shows the black spots on the surface of the leaves. Black spot thrives in wet, humid weather, usually when temperatures are in the mid-70’s F. The spots produce spores which spreads to other leaves and plants. Spores can survive the winter in fallen leaves and infected canes, then return the following spring.

Now, you may be wondering what the childhood song “ Ring-around the rosie” is doing inside this blog. The childhood song has similar preferences towards Rosa gallica ‘Lafayette‘.
“Ring-around the rosie” Look into the Wyck Rose Garden

“A pocket full of posie” There are bundles of roses everywhere

“ Ashes ! Ashes !” You will see a particular rose that has dozens of black spots on the rose leaves that are mostly at the bottom of the bunch.

“ We all fall down” If you don’t protect the roses they will die from the Black Spot disease and they will fall down.

To prevent Black Spot:

-Water in the morning
-Avoid watering foliage
-Choose resistant roses
– Allow air circulation
– Choose sunny locations
-Keep the garden clean
-Stay alert and try to keep the leaves separated
-Prune leaves that show signs of black spot and clean your tools after!


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