Our Team

Our Staff & Educators

Anna Herman, Program Director

Bert Johnson, Volunteer Aquaponics and Urban Agriculture Consultant/Educator

Christina Moresi, M.Ed., Program Manager

Chuck Lazarus, Summer PYN Program Manager

Gail Hinson, Culinary Arts Educator, Master Gardener Volunteer

Jesse Bilger, Volunteer Farm Manager, Co-op Farm Manager

Geoffrey Merz, PSU Summer Intern

Our 2017 Youth Interns

Imani M.

Jamal P.

Jovan L., Parkway Northwest (Class of 2017)

Kaden W., Central High School

Tiana H., Philadelphia High School for Girls

Our 2017 Apprentices 

Frankie M., Home School/ Community College of Philadelphia

Gabriel S., Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

Jacques B., Cyber School

Jalen A., Randolph Career and Technical High School

Jazmynn R., Central High School

Lucce G., Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber

Zion W., Roxborough High School

Our 2017 Volunteers

Alyssa Schimmel, Herbalist & Master Gardener

Karen Kinslow, Farm Co-Op

Melissa Manney, Farm-Co-Op

Samantha Siegel, Farm Co-Op

Solana P., Roxborough High School

Awbury Arboretum Association Staff

Beth Miner –Grants Manager

Branda O’Neil – Administrative and Communications Manager

Chris van de Velde – General Manager

Denis Lucey – Landscape Manager

Heather Zimmerman – Program Director

Karen Flick – Assistant Landscape Manager and Operations Director, Awbury Arboretum Landscapes


Leslie Cerf – Volunteer Coordinator

Nancy Pasquier – Field Studies Director


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