For Youth

new-youth-flyer-2017-draftOur youth are working towards advanced skills in urban farming, “low on the food chain” cooking, entrepreneurship, and food justice through workshops taught by experienced staff and volunteer educators, and speakers. 

Begin here to join our team. 

  1. Click here to apply and/or email us at to schedule a visit. Students admitted on a rolling admission basis until the program is full.

  1. Apprentice Level. The apprentice program offers gives youth the opportunity to learn key skills in farming, cooking, and business. Apprentices now have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishment by earning digital badges. Youth are invited to attend as many workshops as their schedule permits. To complete this level, youth must earn each set of “core” badges*:  the basic Cooking Badge, Farming Badge, and Entrepreneurship Badge. When you complete the requirements for this level, you will earn a modest stipend ($), and apply to advance to the  Intern Level.    Past work experience at TLC or elsewhere may allow some youth to advance through the Apprentice Level more quickly.
  2. An Intern will continue to earn elective badges that focus learning experiences on a range of environmental science, agriculture, food systems and other interests.  Interns have regular opportunities for paid work at TLC, including leading group activities, working at community events and markets, and being sponsored for work offered by our partners. At this level, you can expand your learning experiences and work opportunities, and/or earn the badges required to become an entrepreneur.
  3. Business-minded youth who choose to become Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create your own business, product and/or service, with the support of TLC leaders.

download* Click here to learn more about LRNG badges. Our badges will be”live” within the next two weeks. To create an account with LRNG and begin exploring other badges, click here.